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"You're a knight fighting your own dragon! The knight will lose sooner or later...! THE DRAGON ALWAYS WINS IN THE END!!!"
— Mangaryū Kirai to Ai about his Bankai, Hollow, and position in the world

Ai Mangaryū
Name Ai Mangaryū
Kanji 漫画竜・ 愛
Romaji 漫画竜・ 愛
Race Visored
Birthday Unknown
Age 350
Gender Male
Height 6'6"
Weight Unknown
Blood Type AB-
Professional Status
Affiliation Gotei 13
Previous Affiliation Unknown
Occupation Visored Division Captain
Previous Occupation Visored Division Vice-Captain

11th Division Vice-Captain

Team Gotei 13 Visored Knights
Previous Team Mangaryū Visoreds

11th Division Captains

Partner Yachiru Kusajishi
Previous Partner Kirai Mangaryū
Base of Operations Visored Division HQ
Personal Status
Marital Status Married
Relatives Biggest Brother - Kirai Mangaryū

Smallest Brother - Unknown

Wife - Yachiru Kusajishi Kenpachi Mangaryū

Son - Unknown

Education 精神的な芸術アカデミー

Shinō Academy

Status Unknown
Shikai 光槍


Bankai 銀騎士・ 光槍

Ginkishi Kōsō

Ai Mangaryū (漫画竜・ 愛, Mangaryū Ai) is the Captain of the Visored Division.



Ai has a very humorous, but akward feeling around him that makes him uncomfortable... For men. Women usually have a more appealing nature to him, due to his abilities that have become famous throughout the Gotei 13. Men know him as "Dragon" while Women name him by "Knight". Only around a family member, mostly his brothers, is the only time he is every seen to be angry or scared.


Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc[]

Beast Swords arc[]

Powers & Abilities[]

Shunpo: Ai has been seen to using Flash Steps against strong enemies; only to keep up with their strong attacks, or to simply dismiss a battle early.

Reiryoku: Even among Captains, Ai's Spiritual Power is high. He is somestimes seen with his Zanpakutō in Shikai state out of too much pressure. His spiritual power is Yellow.

Kidō: Ai has been seen to use excellent Kidō-ship. He can kill at least an Espada numbered from Siete through Diez with only 12 hits from long ranged Kidō attack.


Kōsō redirects here. For the manifested spirit that appears in the Zanpakutō Unknown Tales arc see Kōsō (spirit)

Master Swordmanship Specialist: Having dual swords, Ai has twice the power of normal Visored, most having either a Zanpakutō or a Résurrection. Ai is usually seen in battle carrying only his Zanpakutō to seem fair to what he would consider "Weak" opponent or opponents! When super tough enemies appear, Ai has been known to use his Résurrection, ONLY if his Bankai cannot apply damage; which is extremely rare.

Kōsō (光槍, Light Lance): is a Light/Defense-type Zanpakutō.

  • Shikai: It's Shikai command is "Protect" (保護, Hogo)

Shikai Special Ability: Sun's Silver Sun's Silver creates a mimic Lance out of light/energy that can be launched at the opponent.

  • Bankai: Ginkishi Kōsō (銀騎士・ 光槍, Silver Knight Light Lance):

Bankai Special Ability:


Having Shinigami-Hollow, Espada/Épée level powers; Ai is known to have dual swords. One being his Shinigami, the other being a Résurrection, French version of a Resurrección. Which makes very unique, with the ability to use Bankai and Résurrection, both very rare and hard abilities to accomplish.

  • Zéro: Ai has been seen using Zéro to defeat large numbers of enemies, strong enemies, and can usually kill or apply high damage. His Zéro is Yellow.
  • Résurrection: