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Futatsume: Agitowari
Kanji 二つ目・顎割
English The Second: Chin/Jaw Splitting
Technique Statistics
Type Zanjutsu
Number #2
Users Shinigami

Futatsume: Agitowari (二つ目・顎割, The Second: Chin/Jaw Splitting) is a Zanjutsu technique.


A useful and easily utilized sword technique where a single sword attack is used in order to cut an opponent in half from the jaw down the length of the body, resulting in the bisection of the target. Some Shinigami even refer to it as the "Hollow's Bane" for they use it to cleave the Hollow across their Hollow hole. The end result is achieved through manipulation of the users spiritual power. Instead of focusing the full force of their spiritual power as though it were "mass" and then through their sword, and then the air, Futatsume: Agitowari involves sharpening that power into a honed, razor-like edge capable of extreme cutting potential.

Known Practitioners

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