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No one could possibly feel the thrill that went through Tereya's veins, as she flew across the sky. Her long, black hair whipped behind her, and she soared like a bird racing through the thermals. Needless to say, she felt quite... powerful, setting herself on a course without restaints or obstacles. No one could hold her back from doing what she wanted. There was no Ahatake to protect her anymore, no Ahatake to treat her as someone below him. She flew like the very wind itself.


However, her face was set in an expression of grim stoicism. Her eyes searched above the city she was flying in, her spiritual senses roaming every which way. For now, she wasn't in the mood of celebrating like the rebel she was. She was now focused on finding the person she had to leave behind.


And now, as her spiritual senses locked onto his signature, she couldn't help but wonder how he had been for himself...

His meager life had gotten along just fine.

After a sloppy breakfast of fast food (which wasn't especially healthy, but it wasn't as if he had to watch his figure; any fat he gained was burned away as Reiatsu, or used as calories whenever he focused long enough), he had climbed back into bed, to sleep off the time in which Tereya said she would return. If she returned. Of course she would return! He doubted that she wanted him to run up her tab here at this hotel...

Which was strangely high-class, which would mean that she had some money... Especially for her to let him stay here like this! It was nice! And the bed was still warm... Nori snuggled under the covers more, closing his eyes and drifting off to sleep. He hadn't even bothered to throw away the garbage from his meal. Eventually, the maids would have to come in to clean it... He didn't have to worry.

While he dozed off, Tereya's lone figure appeared on the window-sill in a crouching position. Her eyes peered for a moment, unable to see him at first. However, once she noticed his sleeping form, she scoffed. All that he was doing was sleeping? No more going back to Hell or wherever? It was time to change that... She reached down, feeling for the window's opening.

Nori's sleeping form shifted slightly under the covers. He'd rolled on his side, with his back facing Tereya. Strangely, his body was located in the middle of the bed, leaving sizable room on both sides of the bed.

With careful hands, she managed to slide the window open and slip in, a ninja of the day. After she successfully infiltrated, she closed the window and turned towards Nori. Part of her was wary; before, he had tricked her in order for her to get close to him. However, it was overridden immediately. She walked over towards the front side of him.

Nori's eyes remained closed; his body taking slow, peaceful breaths. He was actually asleep. Whatever she might do to him would go completely unnocticed, so long as she didn't wake him up... Though, if she did wake him up, he might be mad... Nori didn't especially like being woken up. Especially after he had just eaten and the bed was so comfortable.

A perfect opportunity to exact revenge.

Curling one hand into a fist, Tereya readied her arm, aimed at her target...

...and punched him right in the groin.

Nori screamed.

It was incredibly loud; if it was anyone but Tereya in the room, they'd be begging him to stop. His manhood felt numb. Tears streamed from his eyes. The only possible thing he could was stare up at his assailant.

"Y... You bastard..."

Tereya snickered. "Don't you mean, you bitch?" She corrected him, retracting her arm at mid-scream. "I mean, did you forget about the last time I was here already?"

"Fine! You're a bitch!" Nori cried. This wasn't fair! Just because he'd hit her in the pubic bone... and the ovaries... Didn't mean that she had to hit him in the balls! "When... When this stops hurting, I'm going to fucking kill you. Watch. You're going to be begging for mercy..." He threatened. She would pay. He would make sure of it.

"Oooh, sounds scary!" Tereya mocked, putting her hands on her hips. "But don't worry, I won't run from the big bad ass." Promptly, and with what would seem like foolish bravery, she sat down on the opposite bed, legs crossed in her lady-like fashion. "I'll wait right here for my punishment like a good girl." She chuckled even more at her words.

Nori attempted an intimidating look, but it quickly faded. She was taunting him, and he would have to take it... "You're such an asshole," He cried, "You shouldn't punch someone in the balls..."

"Well, you shouldn't kick someone in the cooch..." Tereya countered immediately. "But you did. Twice."

Nori paused for a minute. It was getting harder to come up with comebacks. "So what..? I seem to remember winning two of our fights~." He taunted.

"Yeah." Tereya muttered, a frown being made of her lips. "Whatever it takes to make you sleep better." She tilted her neck to the side in a bored manner.

"Are you trying to argue that I didn't win our fights? You know, when we were in The Red Garden, and when I kicked you in the vagina when we were here." He giggled. Oh, she was frowning. Was it because she was annoyed? Nooooooo. It was probably because she didn't want to admit that he had won.

"Yeah, and when you nearly got knocked out by my punch to your face? Good times..."

"Oh, you mean when I feigned to get you to come closer? Like when we were in the bed?" He said. It didn't even hurt anymore. He was just laying there.

The corner of Tereya's eye started to twitch. When did he learn so fast to counter her? Was she losing her touch? "I could've beat your ass right then." She said stubbornly, folding her arms across her chest. "Consider that luck."

"Luck has nothing to do with it. If you could've beaten me, then why didn't you..?" He prodded. Sitting up, he scooted closer to Tereya, and when he was close enough, he leaned his head on her shoulder.

Oh, how she wanted to smack the man right now.

Unable to say anything, she only looked away from him in a huff, but didn't mind the close contact he shared with her. Any more, and he could easily press the advantage. For now, she would only allow him to revel in his little victory.

Nori wrapped his arms around her. "Oh, calm down. It's only natural that women are inferior to men. I can't help it if I'm bigger, and stronger, and faster, and smarter..." He rambled, obviously trying to piss her off. He was winning! Against Tereya. In an argument. This wouldn't happen very often.

"Tch. Oh, ok, then. I'll remember that the next time you're begging for mercy in the face of certain death." Tereya replied coolly, leaning against his arm.

"Don't be like that..." Nori whined, squeezing her tighter. "You know you want me."

"Maybe I do..." Tereya whispered slyly, almost in a teasing manner.

"So what are you going to do about it?" He taunted, letting go of her. She could do what she wanted. He was tired, and she had woken him up. If she wanted him, she was going to do all the work.

"What do you mean? I thought you were the bigger, stronger, and smarter guy, so I thought maybe you could help me with that problem..." Tereya countered easily.

"We both know that's not true." Nori stated sternly. She could beat him if it was a fair fight. The only thing that was keeping her from winning was her vulnerability to feints.

"Then shut up." She emphasized those words by reaching over and flicking Nori in the forehead with two fingers, with just enough force to make it... annoying. "Don't bother talking shit if you can't back it up." Of course, those words sounded like insults, but they were rather Tereya's own form of teasing... and possibly scolding.

Nori frowned profusely. His hand rose up and gingerly rubbed the spot where she had flicked. "Well if you won we wouldn't have this problem!" He snapped, punching her in the arm.

"It was a draw." Tereya argued.

"F-fine... It was a draw..." Nori mumbled. No it wasn't! He had won! Because he was better than Tereya. And he would keep on teasing her about it, until she inevitably kicked his ass to prove him wrong. Then she'd tease him and he'd tell her to shut up. Then she'd call him Romeo.

"Unless.... you want to try it.... again, just to make sure...."

"N-no..! That's okay..." Nori cried, a little bit too quickly. That really wasn't necessary...

A feral smirk came across Tereya's face at his remark. She raised a hand up, lifting her finger under his chin to make him look at her. "What's the matter?" She asked confidently. "Scared that I'll kick your ass this time?" The hesitance in his voice had only served to strengthen her resolve.

Nori couldn't respond. His face turned red. This was getting old. Quickly, he pulled his head from under her finger and stuffed it under a pillow. Maybe if he hid here long enough she'd go away! Or she'd clean the garbage he'd left out. Or do something that a woman should do. Anything that didn't involve teasing him.

"I'll take that as a yes." Seeing the comedic position Nori was in, Tereya decided to add to his torture by lifting herself up and sitting on his back to force him on his stomach. "Jeez, you're such a girl..." She added, only serving to tease him even more.

"You can call me a girl when you grow a penis..." He growled, his voice muffled by the pillow. This wasn't a comfortable position for him. Reaching behind himself, he feebly tried to toss Tereya off of him. He'd punch her in the boob later. He might hit the duct and make it hurt a lot. That would be fun~! Especially since he'd get to feel her boobs.

She simply caught his hand before it could reach her, twsting herself on him to pin his arm behind his back. "Oh, really? Who says?" She asked.

"I do." Nori replied simply. It wasn't as if she was actually going to do anything on his back. This wasn't a hostile situation. "Really, what are you even going to do, sitting on my back like that?"


Her grin turned rather sinful at that. She leaned forward, raising both of her hands and putting them on both sides of Nori's head. This way, instead of just her hand, her entire body was pinning Nori down. "I can think of many things I could do to you right now." She replied hauntingly, her breath tickling his ears. "You really want me to demonstrate?"

"Yes. Please, go right ahead." Nori bluffed, actually struggling against Tereya. It was pointless. But whatever she did, he could just heal anyway. It's not like he couldn't regenerate.

No words needed to be said after that.

Immediately, the woman's mouth sank down into the nook of Nori's neck, the moved her tongue across the skin in a light manner, but with enough force to jolt his nervous system. Along the way, she made sure to nip on parts of it, in a rather unpredictable pattern.

His reaction was priceless. Everytime she bit, he whimpered like a baby, all the while craning his neck in every possible direction to try and get her mouth off of it. This was unbearable. He was going to explode. "St... Stop...!"

A restrainless chuckle was his response. "You see, Romeo, I don't need to mutilate you or anything like that to get you to squeal..." She said, allowing herself to fall off of him and on her back on the bed. She folded her hands beind her head.

Nori reached and covered the spot she'd been 'attacking' with his hand. "That's not funny! How the fuck am I supposed to cover that!? I don't want to go for walks outside and watch people point out that you put a huge fucking hickey on my neck! You fucking asshole." Nori grumbled, jumping off the bed and heading into the bathroom. He slammed the door shut and locked it. She wasn't invited this time.

The only response from Tereya to it all was a chortle. "Serves you right for running your mouth." She replied, though it was clear to her that she couldn't hear him. She closed her eyes, crossed her legs, and overall, looked rather relaxed. Who could blame her? The bed was quite soft and comfortable...

The sound of water filled the room. He was getting into the shower. Nori would be in the bathroom for at least an hour.

Calmly, Tereya allowed herself to get up from the bed, walking over towards the bathroom door. She could simply barge in and do what she did last time; even locked doors would not restrain her strength. However, she herself didn't need one - she had already taken care of that before she got here. She leaned against the wall beside the door, folding her arms across her chest. "Besides, I bet you've been spending your lazy ass here ever since I left!" She called into the door. "When did you plan on taking a walk?"

"I was afraid that if I left, when I came back, I would have missed you."

Nori blushed, even though he hadn't said it to her face. It was such a sweet thing to say. But it was the truth. A feeling a nervousness swept through him. That might prompt her to storm in here like she did the last time... And... Take control. He didn't want that. If she came in, she wouldn't be getting anything.

Thankfully, Tereya didn't think of it. "You? Miss me?" She asked skeptically. Didn't I give you that little energy of mine in order to find me? Either that, or I find you... quite easily, I could add."

Nori frowned. "Fine, I was being a lazy ass and didn't want to go outside. Is that what you wanted to hear?"

"Well, really, I didn't care either way. I was just asking."

"Well, since you're not busy, could you clean up the garbage I left out there from my breakfast? Thanks Honey."

Tereya scoffed. "What the hell do I look like, your maid? Clean your own fucking garbage." She craned her head towards the direction of the door.

"No, that's okay. Why should I have to do it when I have you?" He taunted.

The woman snickered, closing her eyes and turning back forwards. She was obviously amused. "You won't have me like that when I leave this door." She retorted. "Kur--... Seishou Tereya doesn't clean other people's messes." She had to correct herself; saying Kurosaki after her first name had became a habit before.

Nori sighed inwardly. "You don't have to clean it. You just have to pick it up and put it in the garbage. It's more like moving it. C'mon! You can do it! I beleive in you!" He shouted with mock-enthusiasm.

"You can do that when you step out! I'm goin' to fuckin' sleep!" With that, Tereya began to step away from the door and to one of the beds in order to emphasize that fact. How long had she been searching for Nori, anyway? What was the time of day?

The shower stopped a prompt twenty minutes later. She was asleep~. The perfect time for revenge! Whistling as he put on the same clothes he had been wearing (There was nothing wrong with them!) he stepped out of the bathroom and crept towards the bed she was lying in. This would be fun!

"Zzzz...." Beyond gone from the world of the awakened, Tereya hadn't even bothered to put on the covers. She lay on her side, facing Nori. Her expression was rather peaceful, all of her feistiness having seemingly vanished. Her breaths were steady and controlled, meaning that she was having a rather good sleep despite the short time.

Upon seeing Tereya like that, all of Nori's thoughts of revenge and vengence instantly vanished. He crawled into the side of the bed near her front and closed his eyes. If he touched her she might wake up! So he would sleep away from her.


Although it was in her sleep, Tereya seemed to be muttering incoherently, her words barely heard by her sleeping partner. Her expression looked a little aggravated.

Nori looked at her uneasily. She was talking about him, wasn't she!? He would wake her up and ask her what she was thinking about... Placing a gentle hand on her arm, he shook her lightly, trying to easily stir out of sleep. "Tereya... Wake up..!" He whispered. Maybe she needed another hug? She always enjoyed them.

"Don't... look at me like that..." She didn't seem to respond to the shakes, continuing to ramble in her own thoughts. "Not a... damsel in distress.... piece of overgrown shit...."

Nori looked at her for a moment, puzzled. Damsel in distress...? It wasn't important. Well... if she was going to ramble like this, he might as well get to sleep anyway. Grabbing one of her arms and wrapping it around his body, so that she was pressed against his back, Nori began drifting off to sleep...

It was here that she happened to wake up. At first, her eyes widened, seeing one of her arms wrapped around him. But then, they half-lidded in resolution. Oh, hell.... if she did it before, she could do it again. Once again she closed her eyes, accepting the warmth as a catalyst of her own sleep. Her only regret would be that she would have to wake up.

Oh, well. That was life, after all.

A Day In Worth[]

It was morning once more.

Tereya was found on the other side of the bed than Nori, hands folded behind her head, body under the covers, and a rather smug look on her face. She had originally come here to simply hang around the area, but the whole thing had turned out to be a day's worth of intercourse. Either way, she was satisfied with the results. She learned her own lesson: she didn't need her Hollow to stir up Hell for someone, after all... She looked over at her partner in curiosity.

Who was soundly asleep, with his back turned towards his new fiance. His chest moved up and down rythmaticly, signifying a good night's rest. She was too much for him; he'd be out for at least another hour or two, unless he was woken up. Unlike Tereya, his body was only half-covered by the blankets, exposing his bare back and reaching just above his waist. If she was able to see his face, it would show a look of uncomfortability, signifying how sore he'd be for the next couple of days.

She, however, could recover quite easily. It was stamina she had acquired from combat that helped her through, bringing all of the Hell she had brought to her enemies in a "drastically decrease in pain, but retainment in thrill" form. She could safely assume any witty retorts he could make up from now on would be quelled upon remembering this night. Looking over her shoulder, she allowed herself to sit up and slide out of bed, making her way into the bathroom.

She had an hour; might as well get ready.

Nori hugged a pillow in her absence. The only thing that had really changed was his posture; which was now strewn helplessly across the bed, in a haphazard manner that couldn't have been pulled off unless he was unaware of his actions. He was still asleep... And he would remain that way for a little while longer. The woman could do what she wanted; the man needed his rest.

It wasn't very long before she stepped out, dressed up and ready to go to wherever. She came out casually, careful as to not yet awaken the sleeping Nori. She sat back down, promptly resting on the bed they had slept on and looked at the ceiling. Where could they possibly go for the day, once he awoke? Probably to another restaurant? She had no idea; he was probably the one with all of the ideas.

A small amount of drool seeped out of Nori's mouth. So he did drool. Or maybe it was excess saliva from a different source from the night before... It was hard to tell. Either way, there was drool staining the bed. The expression on his face faltered for a moment as Tereya climbed onto the bed, showing signs of comfort and warmth, before shifting back to the one he had on earlier. Depending on how she awoke him, there would be consequences to pay.

The she-devil licked her lips. Leaning over, she reached over to grasp the back of his head before pressing their lips together in the passionate kiss for the morning, ignoring the drool that seeped onto her lips.

Nori groaned. His eyes opened into a half-lidded dull stare, as he looked his new partner straight in the eye. "Look... I know how horny you get and all, but I don't really feel like doing to same thing we did all day yesterday, all day today." He grumbled, pushing himself away. He almost regretted doing it.

"I thought it would wake you up..." Tereya replied simply, smirking at him. "Or are you going to spend your entire life sleeping in this room?"

In response, Nori simply rolled over in the bed and shut his eyes. She would need to try harder to wake him up.

And that is what she did.

Leaning over, Tereya reached up, grabbed Nori by the waist, and slung him promptly over his shoulder with a rather cheerful look on her face. "You're gonna wake your ass up if it's the last thing I have to do." She declared, making her way over to the bathroom and pushing open the door. Since she herself had already taken one, it was obvious that she wasn't going to take one with him. She had something else in mind....

"This isn't funny, Tereya." Nori growled. He obviously didn't like being man-handled. Even more so because she was carrying him into the bathroom herself... Was planning to wash him herself? To make sure her new hubby was all squeaky-clean? Bullshit! He could clean himself! He didn't need her. "Put. Me. Down. Now."

"Sure thing, Romeo."

She promptly dropped him into the tub, so that the faucet was facing him. Then, she reached over and turned the knob marked C - the setting for cold water. And surely enough, the cold water hit Nori's groggy face and sprayed every nerve of his body. Sure, it could possibly hurt, but who ever said Tereya played nice? Calmly, she walked out, with a mocking remark of "I expect you to wash cleanly, young man!" before shutting the door behind her.

Nori sat there for a moment, completely shocked. The cold water washed over him, and he soaked in it for a moment, unmoving. Finally, he decided that he was already there, so he might as well get clean. He picked up the soap and washed himself off with it, then stepped out of the shower, wrapped a towel around his lower half, and walked out of the shower with a look of mock-concern on his face.

"Tereya... Could you come here for a second..? There's something wrong with my face..."

Tereya quirked an eyebrow at him, bemused. "You're bullshitting me." She retorted, remaining on her seat on the bed. "There's nothing wrong with your face."

"Oh, fuck it."

Nori simply walked up to the woman and punched her in the face. This was easier. "Bitch."


She had never saw it coming.

One moment, she was blinking at him in disbelief. The next, she found her back being slammed against the drawer which had the TV on it. As she slumped to the floor, the TV set itself had been unfortunate enough to be knocked forward and downwards, its screen smashing into her head and sending up a burst of sparks as it did so. It fell to the floor, smoking, sparking, and completely unusable. Not that anyone was going to use it anyway.

Nori began counting on his fingers. "That's for punching me in the balls, making me squeal, and more recently, dropping me in the shower and laughing as cold water snapped me out of my sleep." He snapped, walking over and driving his fist through the broken shell of the TV, hitting her in the face once again and driving her head through the dresser. "Whenever you're ready to apologize I'll be happy to forgive you."

At first, Tereya lie still, face blocked out by her matted hair. Half of her face was now dripping with her own blood, and her neck was lying at an awkward angle on the dresser drawer. Slowly, however, she allowed herself to get up from that position, looking calm and bored as ever as she looked up at Nori. "Congratulations, Romeo. You nearly succeeded in busting my skull wide open." She retorted bluntly, turning her head to the side to spit out a tooth. "Want a fucking cookie?"

Nori smacked her. "Please don't confuse me with an abusive husband..." He pleaded, switching the direction of his strike with a supplementary back-hand. "I'm just showing you that I'm not going to be taking any of your shit."


She raised the back of her own hand, blocking the attack. A malevolent look was directed into his eyes, and a sneer came across her face. "Oh, really?" She asked, switching the direction of her hand to grip his wrist. "Then I'm going to tell you..." She immediately stood up, ran forward, and positioned herself behind Nori. With the brutality he had given to her, she grabbed the back of his head and slammed his forehead onto the drawer three consecutive times, before she threw him back onto the bed.

"...that I won't take any of yours!"

Nori did a backwards summersault on the bed, with blood now dripping from a spot just above his right eyebrow. Instead of launching himself back at her like he normally would, he took at seat on the bed and waited for her to do the same. "Fair enough..." He mumbled. He had just gotten clean..! Now he would have to clean this cut... For some reason, Nori felt like sleeping again today.

Promptly, she followed his lead, her palm pressing against her own head wound. "You just had to bust my head open, didn't you?" She growled, glaring at him. "Just because you couldn't take a little water..." She winced at the pain shooting through her brain, idly wondering if it had been deep enough to damage some brain tissue.

"You busted mine open, too...!" Nori whined, faltering a little in his position and then straightening up again. His eyes looked half-lidded and dreamy; an obvious sign that he was close to passing out, even though Tereya had gotten hit worse than he did. The wound was preventing him from focusing enough to materialize his Zanpakuto, nevermind release it, and it wouldn't be possible for him to regenerate without doing so... "This is all your fault..."

"Whatever." Tereya growled. "If my brain starts leaking out, you're going to be puttin' it back together, you knuckle fucker."

Nori snapped. That was it. He would heal her in the most painful way possible. Materializing his Zanpakuto on his back, he drew it, and then drove Nasuka into Tereya's stomach. After twisting it around for a moment, he released it without a word, causing even more pain on Tereya's part because of the barbs that were digging into her intestines. Finally, he sighed, pulled it out of the hole now present in her stomach, and dug it into her left boob. "Gahou."

The bed would need to be cleaned.



Only needing to summon her Hollow Mask for a split second, Tereya unleashed a Bala right into Nori's own stomach, which in turn smashed him through the wall and into the next room. Immediately, all activity stopped, and all tenants and attendants who had been nearby stared on in absolute shock at the "tunnel" that had been made. The couple that had been in the room Nori crashed in screamed out of panic, scooting against the wall as if it could protect them.


Tereya stomped into the room, fury consuming her behind the full mask of her Hollow. She raised a finger towards him, charging a Cero at the fingertips before firing. Thankfully, the innocent couple wasn't in range (though the woman fainted).

Unfortunately, the bala had knocked most of the air out of Nori, rendering him as unconscious as the woman next to him. He would feel whatever she did to him now; he just wouldn't register it.

The Cero blast sent him descending onto the ground level... and straight onto the sidewalk. Tereya walked over to the hole, leaning over to inspect the fallen man. Her Hollow Mask disipated, revealing her malicious snarl as well as the annoyed look she held in her eyes. Still, she couldn't help but wonder: did she overdo it? She leaped down and descended to his level, kneeling over him.

Nori was obviously still alive, though, as stated before, unconscious. If he did have a reaction to what Tereya had just done, or if he wanted to apologize, it was obviously too late to ask him of it.

"Well, I'd better get outta here..." Rolling her eyes in annoyance, Tereya leaned over to once again sling the unconscious man over her shoulder. Then, she ran off, eluding the looks of many as she heard the sirens of oncoming police cars. She knew where the police wouldn't dare to follow her, and where she could easily hide.

The forest.


Nori awoke a few hours later, moaning. Why did it hurt so much? He couldn't even see straight... All that he could remember was upsetting Tereya... He would apologize! He didn't mean to make her mad! And then he would make it up to her in any way he could!... If only his head would stop throbbing...

His eyes could see a figure hovering above him, obviously feminine. "I see you're starting to rise and shine again, Romeo..." Her voice commented. "I was gonna spray you with cold water again... only, we're in the middle of a forest now." She bent down to his level, looking over for any other injuries.

"I'm sorry Tereya... I won't do that again... I'm sorry...!" He cried, reaching up and hugging her despite the obvious pain it caused him. It really didn't matter to him where they were; in the forest, he could just make a house using his Zanpakuto and use that for shelter. What mattered most was preserving his relationship with Tereya! "Please, I'm sorry, I won't do it again, really...!"

Tereya closed her eyes, one of them twitching. "You have five seconds to let go of me." She said with a blunt and threatening tone, though she didn't yet move away from him. "Or I'm going to blast you into the next decade."

Nori let go immediately. Was she still mad..? Most likely. It wasn't as if she'd just forget about him punching her in the face... Twice, then piercing her stomach and churning her insides before finally healing her.

"Now, then..." Tereya's withering glare fixed itself at him, eyes staring into his. "Whether you still can use that cell regeneration shit or not, I could just as easily make you feel as much pain as you did for me, maybe even more. Even your healing wouldn't be able to save you from the pain I could unleash on you. But you know what? I'm not going to." She stood up, folding her arms across his chest. "I just managed to save us from getting arrested by the cops, and we hid out here. Though, I don't think we'll be going back there any time soon."

"Well.... It's not my fault you pissed me off, and I still healed you..." Nori grumbled, pushing himself into a sitting position. All he'd have to do was release, and then he'd be fine.

"After turning my insides into a pile of shit, you healed me." Tereya retorted, ferally smirking again. "You're lucky I didn't put enough energy into that Cero to disintegrate your ass completely."

"Fine, next time I won't heal you at all." Nori snapped. If she wasn't going to appreciate it, there was no reason to. "The only reason I did it was because you were whining about your head or something."

"Well, I wouldn't have done it in the first place if you hadn't tried to act like Pimp Daddy!" Had she not been in the annoyed feeling that she was, she would've laughed at her own comment. Nori? Her pimp? Whatever.

"Whatever." Nori groaned. There was no reason for him to try to win this argument. He was painfully aware that he wasn't going to. "So how am I supposed to make it up to you?"

Tereya puffed out her bottom lip to blow a strand of hair out from her face. "You don't have to do anything for me, Romeo." She replied firmly, leaning over to sit beside him. Her legs were stertched out, and her palms were planted on the ground behind her in order for support. "Besides, I can't really think of much we can do at this point...."

"Mmmm... You know, whenever you wanna stop calling me Romeo, I'll be more than happy to thank you."

"I don't need your thanks. I've already got you. What more could I possibly want than that?"

Nori had no response. Silence fell over them. It was akward.

Grinning, Tereya reached over and hooked an arm around Nori's neck to pull him even closer. She raised her hand up in a manner of beginning to explain something. "So... what do ya think we're going to name our kid?" She asked calmly. After all, she was aware that they had sex three times without protection, and it was even more obvious that a child was on its way. Though, she could act confident, a nervousness was building inside of her at the very thought.

She was supposed to be the cut-loose, socially rebellious woman of the Soul Society. What if she wasn't ready?

"I-I don't know... Why..? You're not pregnant, are you?" Nori asked. He didn't know if he was ready, either. Nausia overtook him. He wanted to vomit.

Tereya shrugged. "I donno." She replied casually. "Just saying, considering we did it three times without protection, it's likely now that we're gonna have a new family member along for the ride." She lowered her explaining hand down to the ground once more.

Nori paused, leaning on Tereya's shoulder for support. "Yeah, but, I mean... There's... It's not like you know you're pregnant, right..?" He mumbled lowly. Nori was starting to panic. His breathing rate increased, his heart raced, and he had to stare towards the ground to keep himself calm. Nori wouldn't do it with her anymore! Either that, or she could get and abortion...

"Whether I know or not isn't going to make a difference if it's actually true." Tereya took this time to half-lid her eyes at him in curiosity and suspicion.

"Uhm... Then... What about an abortion..?" Nori suggested, snuggling himself closer to her. Since she was likely about to snap at him, he wanted to be as comfortable as possible when she did it. His arm feebly wrapped itself around her side, mimicking what she was doing with his neck.

In her own Tereya way, she did.

She turned her eyes towards him. "Are you telling me that after you proposed to me... fucked me three times... and officially stated you loved me..." She started, raising her free arm to harshly poke him in the chest. "You weren't expecting a kid?"

Nori flinched. "Two of those times you fucked me." He rebuttled. Not that he didn't enjoy it. She was amazing. "And it's not that I didn't expect a kid... I just..." Nori reconsidered his actions. "Do you have any ideas on a name?"

"Hmmm....." Tereya thought for a moment. "I never actually thought of it myself, but...." She waved her arm around, attempting to conjure up a thought. "Mitsune? If it's a girl..."

"That sounds nice... And what if it's a guy?" He prodded, holding Tereya a little bit tighter. Of course... There were more important issues, like how they would get money, where they would live since the hotel was out now, what they should do when Tereya only liked to go for walks... But this was okay for now.

"Hmm.... I'm not so sure about that one..."

"How about Nori Junior?" Nori giggled at the idea. It was so stupid. He didn't want a junior. It would be annoying to have the same name as your Dad; and if he got the nickname Junior, he might want to kill his parents. In a moment of insecurity, Nori pulled Tereya even closer, so that their bodies were pressed together.

The woman pressed a hand onto Nori's chest and settled into his embrace, closing her eyes for a minute. "That's seriously your suggestion?" She asked skeptically. "Whatever..."

"It was a joke, smartass."

"Suuure it was." She simply ehmpasized that statement with a "smartass" remark, as well as the opening and rolling of her eyes. "Let's see.... how about.... Syaoran?" It was a unique nmae that meant Little Wolf if translated into English. She picked it out due to the simple fact it would be what their possible son would be in the family. Their little wolf cub...

"Oh..? That sounds nice!... You're going to be nice to our kid, right? I don't want to come home one day and find its corpse on the floor, with it's intesitines stylishly decorating the rest of the room..." He said smoothly, finally letting go of her waist and putting all of his weight on her. It wouldn't be enough to push her over, and he wasn't trying to. He just wanted her to hold him.

"'Course I am, unless he or she acts like a little brat." A rather amused smile came across Tereya's face. "Only then might I have to use a belt."

"If I find out that you're hitting our child with a belt, I'm going to kill you." Nori replied effortlessly, sending a strong glare up her way. "I don't care if she's attacking you, or not listening to you, or anything; you're not hitting her."

"Or him." Tereya reminded smoothly, simply quirking an eyebrow at his "outburst". She leaned herself away from him for a minute, looking away in thought. "Besides, the kid's going to have to toughen up somehow when he gets older. If you babysit it through life, it's just going to rely on your hand all the way. We need to show it that in times we're not there, it's going to have to fend for itself."

"Okay; that doesn't mean you have to hit the child whenever it misbehaves." He rebuttled quickly, settling down a bit. "We can show him-her how to take care of his or herself through training. There's no reason to hit it outside of training! You don't just hit a kid for no reason!"

Tereya curled her mouth in an exasperated look, turning to look over at the man. "I never said I'd hit it for no reason." She corrected him, slight annoyance in her tone. "Just when it's being extremely unruly, or throwing a fucksome tantrum... a little tough love wouldn't hurt, given the situation." She turned back around to face forward, closing her eyes fora minute. The breeze against her was starting to feel a little bit comfortable.

"Oh, and I want you to watch your mouth, too... I don't want my four-year-old cursing me out because I didn't buy it some candy..." Nori mumbled, leaning back into Tereya and closing his eyes. This would be a nice way to fall asleep...

"Yeah, yeah...."

"And since I'm such a girl, I expect you to go and get a job, and bring home the money while I sit on my ass all day like wives usually do."

"My ass I will."

Nori squeezed Tereya's hand and looked deep into her eyes. "Please?"

Abruptly, Tereya raised her free hand once more and pointed at him, eyes twitching. "Oh, no. That's not going to work on me! If I have to get one, you have to get one!" She declared instantly.

Nori's hopeful stare morphed into a dull glance. "Bullshit. If I'm not home, who's going to look after the kid?"

"Find a job that alternates with mine....?" Ok, so maybe that was a little bit unplanned. Tereya looked a bit hopeless, turning her face away from Nori in order to hide her pondering expression. "Well, I would like to spend my time with the kid, too. And yet you're still telling me to get a job."

"You can spend time with the kid... and with me... when you get home." Nori stated sternly. If she wanted him to get a job, then she wasn't going to get one. There was no reason for them both to have to work. But why should they both have to do something so horrible..? Nori hugged his wife for the umpteenth time, positioning himself behind her so that his head was by her ear, but she couldn't turn to see him. "Pleeeease?"

"....I don't see what's the point... now that I actually think about it...." Tereya frowned, looking over her shoulder at 'him.The begging wouldn't work on her, that was for sure. "We don't don't exactly require food or whatever, so I doubt the kid's going to need it... will he?"

Nori frowned at her. So she was immune? Why couldn't anything ever work for him? "Yes we do... Besides, I like food, and I want a TV and electricity and stuff... wouldn't you..? I'm not really content with just sitting on my ass doing nothing all day like you do. And it's a she."

"Well, about the TV, you kinda smashed it on my head, remember?" Tereya said bluntly, folding her arms across her chest. "Secondly, didn't I say I was up for anything? I'm not content on sitting on my ass, either!"

"I didn't smash it on your head! I smashed you into the cabinet, and then it fell on your head! And you might be up for anything, but I don't here you suggesting anything!" Nori growled. He clamped his hand over her mouth. Whatever smart comeback she might have, he didn't need to hear it at the moment.

"M...MPH!" A rather angered Tereya reached up to grab his hand immediately to pull it away from her face. "Maybe it's because you're trying to shut me up!" She snapped.

Nori yawned. "Okay. So, now that I'm not trying to shut you up, what do you suggest we do?"

Tereya huffed, but even she had to admit that it was a lost cause. "I...I donno, all right? Though, I don't think it's better for you to be complaning about it!" She insisted stubbornly.

Nori ruffled Tereya's hair. "Fine. Do you want to go for a walk?"

"I guess, so..."

Nori stood. "So..? Are you coming?"

Tereya scowled in annoyance at what she considered a rather unnecessarry statement. But she stood as well, due to Nori's hold on her. "Yeah. I'm coming along with you." She answered. "I'd have nothing to do otherwise, and picking on you is my past-time."

"Then let's go." Nori commanded, motioning to his front. Of course she was going to lead! Why would he lead!? She was the one who liked walks and nothing else, so she should be the one who takes him for the best walk of his life.

"With pleasure." With a smirk, Tereya confidently strolled up to her place in front, then started to walk forward. "I don't know where the hell we're going, but this is going to be a good start." She kept a steady pace, making sure Nori was following close behind.

Nori walked in silence. This was so boring... Everything was dull already! His legs hurt! He wanted to stop! Why where they walking?! This was stupid!

"Don't look so down, Romeo..." Tereya said over her shoulder. I'll have an idea of where we're going to go once I'm--"

"Aw.... this is so sweet...."

A voice immediately cut through her mind, one of malice and malevolence its tone. In the vision of Tereya herself, she saw a red outline of blood at the corners of her eyes whenever the voice spoke to her. They began to waver... "To se you already settled in with your hubby of yours.... is just so disgustingly charming. Have you lost your touch, Master?"

"Mmm...." A slight headache was felt Tereya's skull, and she raised one hand to hold one side of her temples. Her walking began to falter slightly.

"Tereya..." Nori said, with a hint of concern in his voice. He walked just fast enough to get to her side and grabbed her hand. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah..." Tereya managed to retain her calm tone and reply to him. "I'm fi--"

"And so the great Tereya has been reduced to nothing more than a mere whore!!!"

The pain increased in its pressure, and Tereya staggered forward, holding her face in both hands as she tried to fight it off. "I can't believe it..." The voice spat venemously, its disgust and loathing evident. "I thought you would've had some backbone. I thought you would've been much more stronger than this, and yet you let such petty things such as your affection for this demonic trash... bad enough that you fell for that idiotic fool you and he called Ahatake Kurosaki!!!"

"Get...out....!" Tereya managed to fire back, out loud and in quiet agony.

Nori pulled Tereya close to him. "I don't know what's going on..." He whispered, "But if this is some ploy to get back at me for punching you in the face... And smashing you through the cabinet... And gutting you... Stop! It's not funny. I already apologized. Just... Stop."

It was no ploy.

As he pulled Tereya close, he could now feel her sweating rivers, her breath audible and labored in his ears. If he had looked in her expression, he would've seen nothing but shock and horror as the Hollow continued to speak to her. "Maybe you just aren't worthy of this body anymore, you weak-minded whore..." the voice spat. "For your reward, I'll make sure to take it over completely... in time...."

Then, the pain tore through Tereya's brain full force. "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!" Tereya's scream went unhindered from her mouth, as she tore herself away from him and fell to the ground, on her elbows and knees. She continued to scream, even as the loud soundwaves tore her throat. She was in agony much too deep to stop...

Nori panicked.

Materializing Nasuka on his back, he wasted no time in impaling it into the ground, and releasing it. "Weed out, Nasuka! Seiiku!" Several vines burst from the ground and wrapped themselves around Tereya's limbs, holding her facedown against the ground. Nori approached her cautiosly, ignoring the screaming, and then pricked Tereya in the back with one of the spikes of his Zanpakuto.


If there was something wrong with her head, it should regenerate by now. Kneeling to her height, Nori wanted to make sure she was okay before releasing her. "Tereya... Are you okay..?"

There was no response. Tereya still lie facedown on the floor, though she was attempting to stir on her own.

Nori released Tereya, with the vines burying themselves in the ground. She was moving! And she wasn't screaming anymore... Maybe he fixed it? Placing a gentle hand on her back, Nori put on a concerned face. "Tereya... You're alright... Right? There's no way you could be hurt by just a headache..." He mumbled soothingly.


This time, a demonic, sound-piercing scream tore through his own brain with no mercy. Nori's vision lit up, switching to a tunnel's view. The demonic voice spoke to him, in a mixture of arrogance and fury. "From the moment you were born, you knew NOTHING but the deepest pits of HELL!!!" It roared, every bit of malice, malevolence, and hatred exploding into one full voice. "Now, because you have ventured in to the life you should've never touched, you shall now know NOTHING... but eternal darkness. Turn around, and face your punishment!!!"

"Nngh..!" Nori gasped, grabbing his own head in pain. This was agonizing. He could barely breathe, let alone turn around, but he did so anyway, seemingly not of his own free will. He was horrified. What was happening? Why couldn't he control himself?

He should've never did it.

A skeleton of a human form was looming over his crouched form. It was wearing what was presumably children's clothing, most of it shredded into nothing but rags. What skin that was shown was pale, decayed, rotten, and caked in fresh blood. Long, matted hair draped over the face of a woman with a skull's visage, a bloodied mouth grinning sets of sharp teeth, and dark pits for eyes. The bad part about it wasn't due to its visage, however. It was the fact that Nori could recognize the figure instantly.



Ignoring all the pain, suffering, and agony he was going through, Nori quelled his panic for just a moment. This was Tereya! She was the woman he loved! He had no reason to fear her, no matter what she looked like! Even so... He couldn't bare to look at her... Nori swallowed hard and closed his eyes, then wrapped one feeble arm around Tereya's decaying body. Even though she smelled... like... blood, Nori pulled her close and inhaled as much as he could. She was going to be okay, wasn't she? He could rest easy! And they both could just ignore what just happened earlier...

It was a mistake.

Immediately, Tereya's hand thrust out and gripped Nori's neck, applying painful pressure to the wind-pipe. Yet, somehow, he was able to breathe and speak. "You are a weak-minded fool... just like her..." It berated, adding both hands to grasp around his throat. "Hugging a person who is obviously not your lover? You are pathetic, even compared to my master. I am never, and never will be Tereya."

"B-But... You look like Tereya..." He gasped, wrapping his own arms around the child's. It was a child! She couldn't be very strong. Nori should be able to easily overpower her!... But he wasn't able to. His tunnel vision made the girl's face all he could look at, and it paralyzed him with fear. Would she kill him?

"You are mistaken, fool. My master does not bear such soulless eyes, such a disgusting appearance." The child spat, sneering sadistically at his attempt to free himself from her grasp. "I am the demon that torments her for her forever. The shadow that is forever forced to follow in her footsteps. And I will be the darkness that consumes her, mind and soul." Promptly, she released his grip on him, taking a few steps back.

The second he was released, Nori grabbed his Zanpakuto and jammed it into the ground. Immediately, all of the trees surrounding then began shifting slowly to Tereya's position. They, when they fully surrounded her, would slowly move in until everything inside was crushed. It would be an easy end..! And... He wouldn't have to see...

"Do not be eager to rush to your death, you demonic piece of shit." The child taunted. "I will return soon enough...." Then, as quickly she had come, she had vanished into dust that blew itself away. There was a flash in Nori's vision, before everything returned to its normal state. There weren't even any trees that were coming closer to him. The tunnel effect had disappeared.


And Tereya's body still lay prone on the ground.

Nori didn't say anything. Lifting Tereya up and slinging her over his shoulder, he began walking, humming to himself. It was obvious that none of what had just happened actually happened, and that he had had some sort of hallucination... Or something. Maybe he passed out and it was a nightmare. Who cared? He just had to get Tereya somewhere safe... But there wasn't actually anywhere to go.

He dropped Tereya on the ground.

And drew his Zanpakuto once again.


Wood ruptured out of the ground and started meshing together, creating a distingushable shape out of the chaos he had formed. A pentagon. And, though it wasn't very detailed, it was obviously a house. Or, at least, the shell of one. He grabbed Tereya by the neck and dragged her inside, carefully inspecting his work. He'd have to be more detailed when the time came. But this was useful for now. Tapping it once again on the floor, a small wooden bulge surfaced out of the (obviously) wooden floor, took on a recatangular visage, and then smoothed out, creating what one could assume was a bed. He dropped her on it, face up, then took a seat on the floor next to her. Would she be okay..?

She looked fine, compared to the horrifying visage that he had seen before. However, she was still unconscious, and didn't look like she would be waking up any time soon. However, a rather dark aura, faint in nature but still easily felt, spread across the room. It was the same as that of the Hollow's dark aura when Tereya had used the Hollow Mask, frightening and terrifying in nature when used to its full effect.

Nori whimpered, then shook it off. It was nothing; her reiatsu was normally like this, some of it was probably just leaking out because she had a headache before and was unconscious now. There was nothing wrong with his wife. Leaning over her, he pressed one of his hands up to her face and patted her cheek. She needed to wake up. If she didn't, Nori might have to pour the cold water on her head...

Thankfully, she did.

Her eyes fluttered open, and her unfocused vision directed itself on her fiance. "W...what...?" She could only mutter in grogginess. "Where the hell are we now...?" She groaned, struggling to sit herself up.

"You had a headache and passed out, so I made a house and brought you inside." He replied simply, conveiniently leaving out his hallucination. But she wasn't better yet! Placing a firm hand on her shoulder, Nori pushed back down towards the 'bed'. "You need to rest... You're too weird right now..." He mumbled, laying down on the wooden slab with her. If it made her feel better, he'd stay here with her while she slept.

A light growl was heard from Tereya in response, before she finally relented. "Fine..." She snapped softly, lying back against the bed. "

He needed to take her mind off of things. "So... Mitsune... What made you think of that?" He chirped, snuggling so close to her that his body was practically on top of hers.

However, Tereya scowled, obviously knowing it was an attempt to divert her thought. "Can it, Romeo." She replied sternly. "I know what happened. That bitch took control of me, didn't she?"

"No." Nori lied. He was ignoring it. Nothing had happened.

"Lying is just going to make me kick your ass." Tereya said, getting very agitated by the man's insisting on ignoring the whole thing. She immediately, pulled herself away from him, though she kept to her prostrate position on the bed. "What did she tell you?"

Nori frowned and rolled over, so that his back was facing her. "Kicking my ass is just going to make me wanna lie... N-not that you could kick my ass..!"

"Well, telling the truth may help us both of our asses in the long run." Tereya insisted, propping herself up on her elbows. "After all, my Hollow wasn't supposed to be a problem anymore. If it's coming back after so long... then we're both going to have problems. What did she say?" She repeated.

"She gave me the 'oh I'm gonna come back later and kick your ass' cliche, instead of killing me right then and there like she could have. Why?" He mumbled, sinking lower into his depression.

Tereya immediately lowered her head, grim thoughts coming into her mind. She slowly sat herself up completely, turning her back to him as she let her legs hang off of the bed. "You may have to stop me somtime in the future, then." She reported solemnly. "If I don't push her back again.... she's going to take full control of me this time."

"Oh..? Well, don't worry about it, I'll be sure to kill you... her... you both as painfully and slowly as possible." He stated smoothly, rolling over on the bed and seeing the disappointing figure of Tereya sitting up. Would he have to lure her back into the bed again~?

Despite herself, Tereya managed a smirk. "You couldn't kill me, with or without her." She taunted, turning back around and laying herself into bed. She got closer to him, pressing herself against him. "Not even if you tried."

"But what if I try really really hard?" He whined. If she was going to... play with him, he wanted to make sure she was all better first. Nori's arms wormed themselves between him and Tereya, preventing her from making any immediate advances.

"You'd fail miserably." Tereya replied arrogantly, smirking at his attempt to defend himself. She could worry about it tomorrow. After all, she still had plenty of strength to fend off her Hollow again. All she needed to do was find a way to crush her completely. For now, she could just sit back and relax.

"Bullshit... Do I need to remind you won our last fight?" Nori asked haughtily. In his head, he always won, no matter what actually happened. So, even though she was likely about to snap at him, he would keep smiling and say he won.

A sneer came across the woman's face. "I don't think I need a fight to dominate you." She countered, reaching up to grip the wrists of the man's hands. "I've got something else in mind..." She pushed him on his back, moving to straddle him.

"N-no!" Nori shouted, moving his knee up and blocking Tereya's entry. He wouldn't be making this easy for her... Especially with what had just happened. What if it took over while they were having sex? He would get raped! He didn't want to get raped!


Undeterred, Tereya switched positions, throwing herself and flopping herself on Nori's stomach like a lay-back couch. Now, she was lying across his stomach on her back, arms folded behind her head. "This just make me want to call you a girl even more." She taunted.

"That's great." Nori replied sarcasticly, closing his eyes slowly. "Just go to sleep already."

"The best idea you've ever came up with..." Finding comfort using Nori as her bed, Tereya closed her eyes. She remained silent soon afterwards, and the sound of light breathing could be heard, signaling she had went into her own slumber.

Nori had fallen asleep as well. It was dull; nothing had changed. It was only a little bit harder to breath because Tereya was laying on him. He would have to build the rest of the house later, as well... Why couldn't Tereya do anything? She was so useless.



Nori's eyes opened slowly. Why was he awake in the middle of the night? He sat up and held his head groggily, obviously perturbed by his sudden awakening for no apparent reason.

He had woken up, just in time to see Tereya's body missing from his own.

She was gone. Not even the pulse of her own energy she had sent through the man's mind could be used to track her. Nothing remained, not a single shred of evidence to prove that she was even there in the first place. However, that shouldn't have been what caught his eye: what had now been a clean house was now a blood bath, puddles of the red liquid in nearly every part of the room. Though the door was closed, there was a bloody trail that led out of it. It appeared as if someone had been slammed numerous times against the walls before finally being dragged out of the room.

"What the fuck..?" Nori mumbled. Swinging his feet sideways, he hopped off the bed, careful to avoid every single pool of the red liquid as he made his way towards the door. It was obvious what he had to do: Follow the red trail of blood and find Tereya, unconcious, lying on the ground somewhere, and then fight some kind of Hollow, or monster, or something similar. How boring. Maybe things would actually be different, and Tereya would be having a tea party with the easter bunny.

"Did you have a good sleep... demon?" Her voice spoke to him once again, once he finally reached the door.

Nori flinched; he was hesitating to open the door. If he just sat here and didn't open it, everything would go away!... Right? "Technically... I'm not a Demon, I'm only part Demon..." He replied nervously, despite the lameness that his response entailed. Part Demon. It was semi-cliche.

"Go ahead..." She seemed to be right into his ear, amused at his hesitance to complete his actions. "Open the door. I plan to show you something I think you'll like. Hmhmhm hahahaha...." Her maniacal chuckle seemed to echo throughout the walls, raising the volume and causing his head to ring viciously.

Nori glanced to his side nervously. Why did she always seem so close..? Still, while nothing would happen if he didn't do anything, it was clear that he wouldn't get anywhere unless he did. Sighing, Nori reached out and pushed the door open. "How would you know what I like..?"

She didn't need to answer him this time.

In front of him, the entire night sky was replaced by one of complete darkness. There was no moon, no stars... just complete blackness. Instead of fresh grass and dirt, there was nothing but an entire ocean of blood that flowed, as if the house was standing on an actual river. Several corpses and skeletons were floating around, decayed beyond recognition.

Nori paused for a moment, then vomited, overcome by the sight before him. "What... exactly made you think I'd like this..?" He asked quickly, then vomited again. He couldn't keep watching this. Holding his breath in an attempt to keep himself from vomiting once more, Nori turned around, ready to head back to the bed. It was in the center of the room. He'd be able to see everything around him.

"That's not going to make this go away."

His eyes immediately met that of the girl that had nearly strangled him to death before, her grin showing off the fearsome, shark-like teeth that lined her jaws. "Take a swim." She ordered. "At the bottom, you fill find your beloved's fate waiting for her." At this, she immediately disappeared.

"That's not fair..." Nori whined. He was going to get wet... Regardless, Nori dived into the ocean, holding his breath and swimming downwards as fast as possible. How would he be able to see in an ocean of blood..?

He didn't have to swim far.

Soon, he found himself on solid ground again, this time on nothing but dirt. All around him, the trees were gnarled, and the leaves were a crimson red. Scattered around him were the corpses of several children, lying there stiff and cold as the wind itself. Bloodied footsteps were leading away from the area and into another section of the red leaf forest.

Nori immediately started following the footsteps, ignoring the scenery. This didn't actually exist; it was impossible for this to exist. Unless the Hollow could alter reality. It was a simple defense; to build a wall of logic around himself. Maybe if she made the changes subtle, and believable, he'd be panicking right now. But she didn't. So he wasn't.

"Your thoughts will not save you."

Her voice cut through his mind once more. "This is the place in which my master was raised." She said calmly. "I have led you here because I forced her to come along for the ride. Hmhmhm.... it was so easy, her mind being dormant as it was. All I had to do was take control and drag you to where you stand now. What you are seeing before you... is nothing more than the aftermath of what had happened to her."

At that moment, a scream of surprise, far off, sounded to his right. It sounded like Tereya.

"Why don't you shut up for like two seconds..." Nori mumbled, dashing to his right towards the sound of the scream. He was becoming painfully aware that he was doing exactly what she wanted him to. He couldn't do anything else; she had Tereya, and he had to save her. So he would have to play along for now...

It wasn't long, however, before Tereya shouted again, this time in seeming agony. "You'd better hurry if you want to save her. She's not going to make it..." The demonic voice continued to taunt him with no remorse and absolute sadism.

Nori squinted and entered his Demon Form. Pumping power, as he always did, into his legs, he took off as fast as he could. Each step formed a small crater in the ground. Was it even possible for him to go faster than he was now?

This time, he reached a clearing.

There was nothing there, aside from a small wooden house, and a swing set a few ways off. The swingset was on his left, and the wooden house was on his right. On the solo swing, a girl in a white nightgown was silently swinging back and forth, seeming to enjoy herself as she did so. However, from the right, Tereya's yells, both angered and agonized, came from the wooden house... that was frighteningly similar to the house he was just in.

Nori hesitated... He didn't want to go inside the house and see Tereya dead... Which was-- Undoubtably-- What she would show him... So he would approach the girl! She seemed nice! And he liked swings! Walking cautiously up to the girl, he paused, then spoke as politely as possible. "Excuse me... I know that you're just a hallucination, but could you please explain who you are?"

The child looked over at him.

She beared a younger appearance of Tereya herself!

But she looked rather sad, her eyes bleak as she stared at the man before him. "I am my master, when she was younger." She said softly, stopping her swinging. She sniffled, twin tears running down her eyes. "Please..." She whispered. "You have to help me... you have to help us..."

"How do I help you?" Nori asked dully, not allowing the girl to see how bad he felt for choosing to see her, instead of going in the house. Sighing, he sat down on the swing next to her,s and turned his head so that he was still looking her in the eye. This was annoying. When would it stop..?

"Stop her...." The girl promptly got up, walking away from him in the direction of the house. "Stop the hunger that threatens to consume my master...." She walked slowly, reaching one of the windows of the house. She looked inside, pressing her hands onto the wooden windowsill "Look into the window."

Oh, great! The girl decided to get up just when Nori decided to sit down! It seemed Tereya could annoy him, even as a kid. Standing, he walked slowly to her position, and glanced into the house.

He could only see the shadows.

Tereya's figure, current, could be seen fighting off what seemed like several swordsmen. Despite the screams she had prouced earlier, she seemed to be handling herself, cutting down the blade-wielding enemies with ease. Eventually, they all fell to her, and she stood triumphantly over them. This did not ease the younger child's expression.

"I don't know what you're talking about, she's doing fine..." Nori said quietly. It didn't occur to him to call out to his wife-to-be.

"Go ahead and enter, then..."

"Fine. I will." Nori replied indignantly, stepping past the girl and towards the doorway. It was simple; he'd walk in and then... Whatever would happen. It didn't really matter. None of this was real.

The girl disappeared, leaving Nori alone to whatever fate was in store for him.

Nori opened the door and stepped inside. What else was there to do?

"....where the fuck were you?"

There stood Tereya, shoulders and upper torso covered in blood. She was panting heavily, sword tip at her side, and blood caking the killing edge. But otherwise, she seemed very fine to Nori, ready to even fight another battle if she had to.

"Oh, I dunno. I woke up and you weren't there, and then I went for a swim, and finally followed bloody footprints to this fucking house. How are you?" He asked sarcasticly. If she was fine, why was he here?

"The bitch woke me up." Tereya retorted bluntly, folding her arms across her chest. "I'm fine, considering that I had to get dragged all the way here." She didn't look so pleased, either, rather irritated due to her short sleep.

"Wonderful. Let's leave now." Nori grabbed Tereya's wrist and began pulling her towards the door. He didn't bother asking about the people she had just killed, or why she hadn't left the house in the first place when she obviously could have. Or why the Hollow had stopped taunting him.

"Yeah, yeah, what the fuck e--"

However, Tereya's eyes immediately widened before she could finish her smart-ass sentence, and she jerked her and away from him. "Hold on..." She muttered, grabbing onto her leg. Her foot seemed to be stuck to some scorch mark n the ground. "Some...something's got my leg." She started pulling on it for a minute, getting a bit frustrated. "What the fuck... my foot's stuck..." Oh, wow. She rhymed. How cu--

Then, a sudden pain shot through her leg and up her body, and her annoyed expression immediately changed from shock to horror.


"Oh my go--AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGH!" She screamed as she sank into the floor, hands desperately trying to cling on to the ground. She looked up at her husband, blood erupting from the floor around her. "F...FUCK, HELP ME!" She snarled, reaching out to him while trying to tug herself out.

Nori desperately grabbed his wife's arm and tugged on it. There was really nothing he could do... How was she even getting pulled into the floor? He was still in his Demon Form. Maybe that could help? Nori poured all of his power into his arms and legs. They became so muscular that they burst through his clothing, ripping and tearing it as he pulled harder and harder on Tereya's arm and body.

It wasn't working.

Tereya's agonized yells were getting more and more frantic to his ears. The more he held onto her, the more the unknown force seemed to pull back. Now, she was chest-deep in the floor, more blood spilling like a geyser. He couldn't see it, but her body was rapidly being torn apart piece by piece - it was one of the worst ways to suffer... and even Tereya couldn't endure it.

Then, it finally snapped.

With one final tug, Tereya was pulled underneath the floor, and the release forced Nori back. Her screams could be heard, fainter and fainter as she sunk down under. He, however, was left holding something in his hand. Her arm.

Without reaction, Nori threw the arm away and curled up into a ball on the floor, ignoring the acess amounts of blood he was laying in. He covered his face with his knees and layed there. Even the Hollow couldn't bother him now. Nori wanted to be alone. This wasn't funny. Why was this happening to him? Why couldn't it happen to someone else?

"Hmmmhmmhmmhmmhmmhmm.... HMMHMHM.... HAHAHAHAHAH!!!!"

All he could hear now were the sounds of the Hollow's maniacal laughter. It echoed throughout the walls, tearing through his brain like a nine-inch nail. It was haunting him, mocking him, and finding pleasure in his torment. "Do not worry...." The demonic voice spat. "You will join her!!!"

Then, skeleton-like arms came from the floor, wrapping themselves around his waist. Without further hesitation, they tugged him through and into the darkness.

The End