Aethian Insurgency
Kanji オードの乱
English Aether Rebellion
Romaji Ōdo no Ran
Founder(s) Cordell Walmsley
Headquarters Aether (formerly)
Leader(s) Cordell Walmsley
Anton Semenov
Sango Hashimoto
Evita Bustillo
Douglas Masters
Affiliation Independent
Purpose The overthrow of the current Aethian government and establishment of new leaders

The Aethian Insurgency, otherwise known as the Aethian Rebellion, was a faction established to overthrow the current Aethian government and establish a new order. Initially beginning their rebellion using non-violent means, the Insurgency started deploying terrorist attacks on military buildings and targets as soon as it had a sizable combat build-up and it was made clear that progress would not be made otherwise. Counter-attacks resulted in the first blows of the Aethian Civil War, a war that would last for a total of seven years. After a bloody struggle that nearly tore the fabric of Aether apart, the Insurgency was crippled and completely dismantled. Members who weren't executed or imprisoned fled Aether as intranational fugitives.

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