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The Aethian Civil War







Total victory for the Aethian Loyalists

Major Battles

Aethian Loyalists

Aethian Insurgency




The Aethian Civil War was an internal conflict between the forces under Aether's established government and the rebel faction known as Aethian Insurgency. It lasted for a total of seven years before the Insurgency was defeated, all of its members either dead, executed or having fled Aether for the safety of other societies.



Toll and Effects of the War

The Insurgency, courtesy of the Black Eagle's one-man assault on a city-sized stronghold, had been effectively crippled beyond repair. The men under their banner had been demoralized by the attack, with most opting to surrender rather than continue fighting. Even those who remained loyal to the Insurgency had been psychologically traumatized by the horrors committed amongst their numbers, taking their own lives or putting up a pathetic fight against the advancing forces of the Loyalists. Many of the survivors consisted of officers and commanders. A notable member is Anton Semenov, who was recruited into the mercenary group V-14 by Angelika Hartmann after taking refuge in Yūrei.

As devastating as it had been for the Insurgency, the Loyalists themselves had taken heavy casualties. Much of the damage was as psychological as it had been physical, with many soldiers feeling guilt over the atrocities they committed to the civilian populace. Propaganda spread by the Insurgency severely damaged the way the populace looked at the city, and constant unrest forced the government to instigate martial law in order to control its citizens. The Black Eagle's later act of slaughtering an entire refugee base before fleeing Aether as a defector would serve as possibly Aether's greatest tragedy, for despite it paling in casualty number to the war itself, it demonstrated the faults of the Aethian government. Criminal activity, both taking advantage of the situation and spiting the military rule, began to increase as a result.



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