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Abe no Seimei (安倍 晴明 Abe not Seimei) is a relatively young Senjungami and a former Onmyouji. He died more than a thousand years ago as the most legendary of his people. He hails from the Abe clan, who, along with the 11 other clans founded the system of Onmyouji. Throughout his life, Seimei was renowned as the Father of Revolution (変革の乃父 Henkaku no Daifu) for having developed his people's organisational system as well as some of its infrastructure, laws, traditions and certain practices that are still abided by even today.

Aside from his philosophical views and deeds in the stabilization of the Onmyouji, Seimei proved to be a genius in the divine abilities and his skills are considered to be unmatched. He wrote a book called Senji Ryakketsu (占事略决 The Summary to Judgements of Divinations), detailing advanced Onmyouji abilities as well as strategies for battle. The text contains more than a thousand Onmyoujutsu spells based on Shinigami's Kido, training methods for Shikigami, Reiryoku control and application techniques and concepts as well as a thorough analysis on what Reishi is. The book is considered one of the three treasures of the Onmyouji and is guarded at their most sacred place.




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