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Seireitou meets his Maker[]

In a different dimension, separate from Soul Society, the Soul King sat on His throne, watching the day unfolding in the universe. He was particularly intrigued with the man called Seireitou. He quickly unsheathed the blade on his waist and the void between His dimension and Reiji Maigo opened and He stepped through, looking for Seireitou.

"GAH!" yelled Seireitou who had just awoke from a dream. He noticed Bella right next to him in bed, and smiled. He got up slowly, as not to awake her and got dressed. He was in the Paradise Area of Reiji Maigo and walked out to see the sunrise.

The king set foot in Reiji Maigo. He knew Seireitou would be attracted to a growing reiatsu, so he slowly released his. He was cautious, however, because his reiatsu could cause people to suffocate if left unchecked, "Come to me Sei," he said to himself, "Lets see how much you've grown."

Seireitou looked up towards the sun, and looked behind him. With no noise, he flashed away. He soon appeared in a forest, not far from the coastline. "Well then. Hello there." stated Seireitou, towards the man of immense power.

The king looked towards the newcomer, "Hello to you as well, Seireitou." the king said as he looked on Sei with a giant smile.