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Ninth Division
Division 9
Name 9th Division
Kanji 九番隊
Romaji Kyūbantai
Captain Ginchiyo Tachibana
Lieutenant Medaka Rosenkrantz & Ekatarina Satonaka
Allied Organization Seireitei Communication
Division Specialty Gotei 13 Security Force, Arts & Culture
Insignia White poppy
Insignia Signifies Oblivion
Division Color Tenné

The Ninth Division (九番隊, kyūbantai), also known as Squad 9, is one of the thirteen divisions of the Gotei 13, headed by an unknown Captain Ginchiyo Tachibana. Her Lieutenants are Medaka Rosenkrantz and Ekatarina Satonaka.


Unlike the standard Gotei 13 Division, the Ninth Division is structured differently from a traditional unit. The reigning Captain is supported in his or her duty by two Lieutenants, making the structure similar to the Fourteenth Division. There are twenty Seated Officers, however, the stand number.

Special Duties

The mission of the Ninth Division is to protect the Seireitei. It is always on standby for combat because it is the security force of the Gotei 13. Traditionally, Ninth Division has overseen arts and culture. For this reason it is known to be in charge of the Seireitei news magazine. All the lieutenants of the divisions of Gotei 13 hand in their reports to them. Also, under Captain Ginchiyo Tachibana, the Ninth has become known for its training facilities. Graduates of the Shinō Academy are advised to spend at least a few years either within the Ninth of Fifth to build their skills and experience.



Ninth Division Barracks.

Like all the other barracks, the Ninth Division Barracks house the offices and living quarters of the Shinigami of the Ninth. The editing department of the Seireitei Communication magazine is also part of the Ninth Division Barracks.

Notable Members



Seated Officers

Former Seated Officers


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