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Seventh Division
7th Division Insignia
Name 7th Division
Kanji 七番隊
Romaji Nanabantai
Captain Shin Nagakura
Lieutenant Yukimura Kori
Allied Organization None
Division Specialty N/A
Insignia Iris
Insignia Signifies Courage
Division Color Dark Tan

The Seventh Division (七番隊, nanabantai), also known as Squad 7, is one of the 13 divisions of the Gotei 13, headed by Captain Shin Nagakura. His lieutenant is his younger sister, Yukimura Kori, who usually shoulders the actual leadership of the division during times of peace.


Much like the standard Gotei 13 Division, the Seventh Division is structured like a traditional unit. The reigning Captain is supported in his or her duty by a single Lieutenant. There are also the standard twenty Seated Officers.

Special Duties

Shin and Yukimura

Captain Shin and Lieutenant Yukimura.

No special duties have been noted for the seventh Division. This division is made up of sincere, unpretentious people who live life with gusto, all with the exception of their Captain who only takes on these traits during times of emergency. Former Captain Komamura and former Lieutenant Iba believed strongly in moral obligation and compassion. This ethos has been passed down through the ranks of the 7th Division, being inherited by current Lieutenant Yukimura who has since passed it along in her Captain's place.

Specialized Task Force

A sub-division of the 7th Division created secretly as a joint en-devour between the 7th and 11th Divisions of the Gotei 13, headed by Tadashi Kori and Shin Nagakura, both men being brother-in-laws to one another. The group first came about to try and prevent the likes of Sōsuke Aizen subverting allies young and plotting behind the Soul Society's back. A highly secretive organization with only a handful of members, mostly within the Shinō Academy, the division specializes in covert information gathering. The groups existence was first hinted at by Tadashi himself when he instructed his lieutenant, Izaya Masaharu, to find Itazura Kori, a member of this covert group.



7th Division Barracks

Like all the other barracks, the 7th Division Barracks house the offices and living quarters of the Shinigami of the 7th. Captain Shin is usually seen sleeping on the rooftops or gambling in the rooms with other division members.

Notable Members

(† = confirmed death)



Seated Officers

  • Third Seat Unknown
  • Fourth Seat Kouatsu (Spirit) (? - Present)
  • Fifth Seat Estelle Hakuya (? - Present)
  • Sixth Seat Unknown
  • Seventh Seat Unknown
  • Eighth Seat Unknown
  • Ninth Seat Mariko Kori (? - Present)
  • Tenth Seat Unknown
  • Eleventh Seat Unknown
  • Twelfth Seat Unknown
  • Thirteenth Seat Unknown
  • Fourteenth Seat Unknown
  • Fifteenth Seat Unknown
  • Sixteenth Seat Unknown
  • Seventeenth Seat Unknown
  • Eighteenth Seat Unknown
  • Nineteenth Seat Unknown
  • Twentieth Seat Unknown

Former Seated Officers


The lieutenant intensely believes in living by a strong sense of duty and has passed this moral characteristic on to the lower-ranking soldiers. The chivalrous men and women of the 7th Division respect honor above all else and in order to live by their honor, they will offer their blades and even throw away their own lives if they must to fulfill their duty. The division's atmosphere is one of passionate energy, with fine individuals who take pride in being well-built.


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