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"For all lost souls in need of guidance, we must be there. There's no worse fate than nonexistance. "
— Clio Erganes

The Sixth Division (六番隊, Rokubantai) is a division in the Gotei 10 that is the only Division that holds no special departments, and instead focuses on the core goals of the Gotei: hollow cleansing, konso, and soul governance. The current captains are Clio Erganes and Merek the 2nd


6th Division's rank organization follows the typical Gotei 10 organization, with two captains and lieutenants. Shinigami in the 6th Division have a wide range of specialties and focuses, and there are no specialty or extra training requirements. The 6th is the second largest division behind the fourth, having gained many members from its captain's former squads despite having sustained heavy casualties in the Shadow invasion, including its captain. The 6th also houses most former Division 10 and 9 members.

Special Duties

The 6th Division is the only in the Gotei that has no special duties or departments. Members are the most widely deployed in the World of the Living, and take the brunt of the Gotei's more mundane missions. Division members often lend a hand in other division's daily tasks, such as cleaning or paperwork.


The 6th Division's grounds are the least outstanding in the Gotei, having no remarkable buildings aside from its extensive barracks. They are located right next to the main East road, a mile west of the East Gate. Though the 6th is near most of the destruction from the Shadow Invasion, the grounds were relatively untouched in the invasion. The 6th's grounds contain the normal division buildings; barracks, quarters and offices for officers and enlisted, a chow hall, and training grounds. The 6th's grounds are bordered by much of the Gotei's housing, for Shinigami that can afford not to live in the barracks.

Notable Members

3rd Division
Rank Name In Office Position Status
Co-CaptainClio Erganes2025 A.D. - CurrentFilled
Co-CaptainMerek the 2nd2025 A.D. - CurrentFilled
Co-LieutenantSauria Tsalagi???? - CurrentFilled
Co-Lieutenant[[]]???? - CurrentFilled
3rd SeatMeiga???? - CurrentFilled
4th SeatAnnabelle Perri???? - CurrentFilled
6th SeatYamanote Kotone???? - CurrentFilled
7th SeatSenge Tsetsen???? - CurrentFilled
Various SeatsHayashihara Aiko???? - ????Promoted
Various SeatsRyoji Van???? - ????Exiled
UnseatedLana Mahi'ai ???? - ????Promoted


Any Shinigami is welcome to join the 6th Division with no invitation or aptitude test required. Many Shinigami join the 6th seat for a few years before finding their specialties, and most Shinigami who haven't discovered their Shikai join the 6th.


  • The 6th Division's grounds are surrounded by Shinigami housing, and a small recreational hub has opened near their barracks.


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