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4th Division
4th Insignia
Name 4th Division
Kanji 四番隊
Romaji Yonbantai
Captain Ayase Hiragi
Lieutenant N/A
Allied Organization None
Division Specialty Medical/Supply/Janitorial
Insignia Bellflower
Insignia Signifies Those Who Grieve Are Loved
Division Color Puce (Dusky Pink)

The Fourth Division (四番隊, yonbantai), also known as Squad 4, is one of the thirteen divisions of the Gotei 13. Its headed by Captain Ayase Hiragi.


The 4th Division follows the traditional organization of a Gotei 13 Division.

The Division is further divided accordingly into Advanced Relief Teams, whether or not the relief squads are determined by Healing skill or area is unknown.

  • 1st Relief Teams =
  • 2nd Relief Teams =
  • 3rd Relief Teams =
  • 4th Relief Teams =
  • 5th Relief Teams =
  • 6th Relief Teams =
  • 7th Relief Teams =
  • 8th Relief Teams =
  • 9th Relief Teams =
  • 10th Relief Teams =
  • 11th Relief Teams =
  • 12th Relief Teams =
  • 13th Relief Teams =
  • 14th Relief Teams =

Special Duties

The 4th Division is the medical/supply division. They are responsible for both treating the injured and doing most of the manual labor, such as cleaning the Seireitei. The 4th Division is further divided into teams that have specific assigned jobs. Other division members use their spiritual power only for fighting. Members of the 4th Division possess spiritual powers that are used to tend to wounds and provide relief. They use these special powers and the benefits of their daily training to act with precision and speed to aid injured comrades. 4th Division administers emergency first aid to injured division members and transports them to the General Emergency Relief Station.

In addition, the nurses who work in the Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho (綜合救護詰所 the coordinated relief station) have special shihakusho that are pink in color with hats that are reminiscent of nurse uniforms of the Human World.


Like all the other barracks, the 4th Division Barracks house the offices and living quarters of the Shinigami of the 4th. However, the 4th Division Barracks also houses the Sōgō Kyūgo Tsumesho, which is the primary medical facility of the Seireitei and Soul Society at large.

Notable Members


The members of the 4th Division are trained to use their spiritual power to perform healing and also routinely receive other training to give them the ability to act swiftly, so that they can cooperate and apply fast relief when casualties break out.

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