13 Protective Squads

The 13 Protective Squads, also known as Gotei 13, are what one could describe as the skeleton of Soul Society. The shinigamis are the flesh, and Captains are the organs. They all work in order to keep peace on Earth. The squads are independent, but at the same time they even each others out. Each squad is lead by one Captain, and a Vice Captain. All Captains are even out to each others, and lead ultimatly by the Supreme Commander, Captain of the 1st Squad.

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Captains And Squads

Each captain is assigned to a squad upon promotion to captainhood. A captain can be promoted to lead a squad even if he never served that squad. There are 13 squads, each with their unique traits. The most standing ones are:

  • Kahn Icey
  • Timmay Alarda (Deceased)
  • Beja
  • Drago Orokusaki
  • Tahaku
  • Enekappa (Former)
  • Alastor Zingari (Former)
  • Wiriamu (Former)
  • Kyoseo Michitaka (Former)

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