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Ōetsu Nimaiya
Oetsu Nimaiya
Race Shinigami
Gender Male
Professional Status
Affiliation Soul Society, King of Souls
Occupation Head of Gingakei Hōōden
Previous Occupation Member of the Royal Guard
Captain of the 5th Division
Team None
Previous Team Royal Guard
5th Division
Previous Partner Sōsuke Aizen
Base of Operations Gingakei Hōōden, Tenkyūden, Royal Palace
Personal Status
Education Shinō Academy
Shikai Unknown
Bankai Unknown
Shukai Unknown
First Appearance
Manga Debut Heavenly Sky Palace
Japanese Voice None

Ōetsu Nimaiya (二枚屋王悦, Nimaiya Ōetsu) was the first captain of the Fifth Division and a former member of the Royal Guard. Currently, he is the head of the Gingakei Hōōden.


Ōetsu is a short man, about half the height of Kirio Hikifune, with thick black hair, styled as an afro save for the far left side, which is flat and dyed green. He wears a variation of the Shinigami shihakushō; the typical black over shirt, but with a green undergarment and a shortened black hakama, which exposes his lower legs. He also wears a variant of the captain's haori; a large, white puffer jacket which bears the insignia of the Royal Guard on the back, and the typical alternating diamond and circle pattern of a captain's haori along the bottom. He also wears green slippers, which have a gold trim. Perhaps his most distinguishing feature is his gold-framed sunglasses, possessing blue lenses.


Ōetsu is a hyperactive, energetic, and unpredictable man, prone to over dramatic and exhaustive entrances. He is known to highly dislike the humble life he use to live at the Hōōden, preferring a much more rich and exciting personal image, thus his reason for the creation of the Gingakei Hōōden. He also seems to have a genuine affection for Zanpakutō, as they are his creation. Ōetsu has a mysterious side to him, seen when he ominously glares at Seireitou Kawahiru immediately prior to taking Raian Getsueikirite away for training.


Ōetsu is credited as the creator of the Zanpakutō. He would later go on to become the first captain of the Fifth Division, however, sometime prior to that, he also invented Shukai.[1] During Raian Getsueikirite's first stay in the Soul King Palace, Ōetsu is known to have trained him in the art of Zanpakutō Forging.

Powers & Abilities


  • Shikai: Not Yet Revealed.
  • Bankai: Not Yet Revealed.
  • Shukai: Not Yet Revealed. He is known to have one, however, as he is the release's inventor.


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